How To Create Custom Business Transactions In Appdynamics

Appdynamics use two types of transaction detection rules to define a business transaction.
  1. Automatic Transaction Detection:  By default, Appdynamics use automatic discovery mode to define a business transaction. These rules are predefined in appdynamics and it creates a separate business transaction for each application Page/URL.
  2. Custom Transaction Detection: Appdynamics allow its user to define a custom rule for detecting a business transaction. This means that you can define your own rules to create a business transaction. 
How to create custom business transactions?

For example, You want to create a business transaction for you application home page (
  •  In Appdynamics, Go to Configuration-> Instrumentation -> Transaction Detection Tab
  • Click on the Add button.

  • Select the “Custom Match Rule” radio button.
  • Select the Agent type like (Java, .NET, PHP) and Entry Point Type of your application and Click Next

  • Give a meaningful name, description, priority and scope. 
  • Select “Default”  Scope if you want to discover across all the application tiers.
  • Priority is used to determine the order of Rules applied by the agent, in the event that multiple Rules are associated with the same Scope. Higher priority numbers will be applied before lower ones. Custom Include Rules will always be applied before Exclude Rules. 

  • Switch to rule configuration tab.
  • The next step is to define the match criteria for your business transaction. There are so many options like URI Contains, Port Number, Header Name/Value, Hostname, etc.
  • In our case, the home page URL contains (Home.html) in it and hence we are selecting match criteria as “URI Contains” and value as “home.html.

  • Click on the save button and you are done.
  • Now hit the “Home” page multiple time to reflect the “Home” BT under business transaction Tab. 

Note: It may take some time around 5 to 10 minutes to reflect the newly created business transactions.

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