Appdynamics Lite VS Pro

Appdynamics offer two editions of its monitoring solution, Appdynamics Lite and Appdynamics Pro.

Below are the six major differences between its Lite and Pro edition.

Appdynamics Lite
Appdynamics Pro
We can monitor only Single JVM or IIS Server.
We can monitor multiple JVMs or IIS Servers
We can have maximum 30 business transactions (BT)
We can have unlimited business transactions.

We can monitor only server metrics
We can also monitor end user experience across the browser, Network and Server.

This has only basic alerting capabilities for application or BT threshold
It provides more advanced features like rule based policies for more granular alerting.

We can see only last two hour of historical data. It means that the data will be deleted from its database post 2 hours.

It can hold years of historical data.
This edition is totally free.
It is licensed edition with a trial version

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