Appdynamics Installation and Configuration for Tomcat Server

Appdynamics is a leading Application Performance Management (APM) product. It is a tool that monitors your Application Infrastructure and gives you code-level visibility. It is supported for all major technologies (Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, NOSQL etc) and can be installed either as on-premise or as SaaS (Software As a Service) solution.

Below are the steps to install the Appdynamics app agent for apache tomcat server:

      1.     Setup Appdynamics Controller: Appdynamics provide 16 days free trial. You can install the free appdynamics SaaS controller to monitor your application.

·         Go to
·         Provide your details on free SaaS trial form.
·         Appdynamics will create a free trial version of appdynamics controller for you

     2.       Download App Agent:

·         Login to appdynamics controller.
·         Go to Home-> Getting Started -> Click Getting Started button
·         Select Java under applications (Select type of application you want to monitor)
·         Select Sun/JRockit under JVM section
·         Click on “Click Here To Download button”

      3.       App Agent configuration:

·         Unzip the downloaded app agent zip file.
·         Go to the conf folder and open controller-info.xml file in notepad.
·        Controller-info.xml will already have a controller-host and controller port value but you need to set the  Application Name, Tier Name, and Node Name (refer below image)

·         Save and close the XML file.
·         Go to Tomcat Server’s bin folder
·         Open Catalina.bat in notepad and set app agent path as shown in below image. 
·         Restart Apache Server to reflect the App agent in the controller.

      4.       Login to appdynamics and you will be able to see app agent status as running.

      5.     Perform some action in the application and you will be able to see the data under the business transaction tab.

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