What is Autoscaling ?

Auto scaling is technique in cloud computing which helps the user to add or remove the additional server resources dynamically based on the situation

For example, We have two server instances in the production environment which can handle maximum of 100 concurrent users at a time but what if the number of concurrent users increase to 125 ? In such situation, autoscalling helps us by adding an additional server instance.

There are two types of scaling:

Vertical Scaling: In vertical scaling we increase the capacity of existing servers. for example, Currently we have a server with 8 GB RAM and capable of handling 50 users without memory issues but when we increase user count to 100, we get high memory utilisation issue. In such case we can increase the RAM size of existing server to 16 GB and avoid any memory related errors.
Note: Vertical Scaling required system stop to upgrade the configuration.

Horizontal Scaling: In horizontal scaling, instead of increasing the capacity of same server, we add the additional server instances to handle the extra load
Note: In Horizontal Scaling, We do not need to stop the servers.

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